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Snowman T-shirts, Snowman Sleepwear and Snowman Clothes

Holiday snowman shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas and snowman clothing for kids and adults who love snowmen! Frosty the snowman t-shirts, gifts and ties and slippers with cute snowman spirit. Holiday snowman apparel and pj's with snowmen art and designs. These snowman t shirts and gift ideas will melt your heart!


Build A Snowman – Make Frosty Come Alive ! by seancarter

Hey, It's almost Christmas ! The magic is in the air and everyone is geared up against the chill with a whole lot of celebrations. But guess what makes Christmas so special, apart from all the goodies and the gifts and the parties... it's snowman building ! I know that snowman building can be done any time during Winter, but don't you think that Christmas makes the feeling even better ? Remember Frosty ! He came alive... and somehow I believe that he came alive just to add to the joy of the holiday season.

Building a snowman has always been one of the most celebrated activities of the Holiday season. With the coming of winter, children who are lucky to live in areas blanketed under snow, take full advantage of snowman building to be outdoors. Bundled up snug in winter woollies, with their colorful caps fluttering in the breeze, the kids make a pretty sight indeed. They are busy as bees, competing with each other for the honor of building the best snowman. Snow and snowman building also takes the from of competitive sports at times, with many local towns and villages organizing them. They also form a major part of the attraction in many Winter Carnivals. It is usually a man like figure built from compacted snow. It is constructed by rolling a huge ball of snow for it's body and a second smaller one for it's head. The facial features comprising of the eyes and mouth, are added using coal, small stones or buttons. A nose too is added, using a piece of fruit or a vegetable such as a carrot. For the arms, sticks are sometimes used. To make it more interesting, the snowman is also dressed in a hat or a coat and may even carry a pipe (usually the one taken from grandpa), in it's mouth ! In some places like the United Kingdom, snowmen are generally built with two balls of snow, whereas in the United States the “three-ball-method” is used. This is nothing as such... just that there is one ball for the head, one snow ball for the body and another one for the lower body. This is a very popular method of building one.

But, what about those who never get the opportunity of building a snowman with real snow ? Do they never experience the joy? You bet, they do. So what if real and natural snow is not available ? There are other options present that can make your creation look absolutely life like ! You get substitutes like mashed potatoes, vanilla ice cream, cotton balls, mozzarella cheese, tofu and even whipped cream. Sounds interesting isn't it ? Some might be a bit expensive, some outright outrageous but who cares ? When it comes to creativity, there are no other options but to use the best of the lot ! You can make one in such a way that others might be tempted to eat it... and that would be the icing on the cake.

So, do not wait anymore... just hit the streets to look out for the best bundle or heap of snow you can get. You got to build a snowman to show off and it has to be the best. Your snowman can even be made with the most yummiest of food, but be sure to display that in the kitchen ! Not only children but there are quite a few adults and parents, who enjoy this activity as thoroughly as their kids. Winter is here and so is Frosty... all you need to do is say Hello in your own way !

Sean Carter writes on holidays, Build Snowman Day and world events. He also writes on family, relationships, Christmas, religion, love and friendship. He is a writer with special interest in ecard industry and writes for He is an active blogger at Christmas Blog

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