Santa Costumes and Santa Suits.
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Santa Costumes, Santa Suits and Sexy Mrs. Claus Costumes

Christmas is the perfect time to pull on that Santa costume and dress up like Mr. or Mrs. Claus. Santa suits and costumes for men, women, kids and dogs! These Santa outfits, hats, belts, beards and santa claus costume accessories are perfect for Christmas parties, office parties and holiday party occasions.

Men's Santa Claus Costume
Men's Santa Claus Costume

Women's Christmas Costumes - Secret Santa, Red/White/Black, Medium

Rubie's Regal Plush Santa Suit,Red/White, XX-Large

Santa Funsie Child Costume

Santa Claus for President by L. Ection

Gather the reindeer and pack up the sleigh - Santa is on the campaign trail and these are the Top 10 Reasons why you should elect Santa for President and put Old Saint Nick in the oval office.

1. Santa's Suit is Bursting with American Pride - Santa's Suit is already red and white, all Santa needs is minor altering at a tailor to add blue stars to his otherwise American-Spirited Santa Suit.

2. Reindeer Replace Airlines - Hybrids are the future and Environment is a hot button issue on the presidential political campaign trail. Santa has been environmentally correct and a leader in hybrid travel for as long as anyone can remember.

3. Everyone a Santa's Helper - Unemployment rate disappears. With everyone a Santa's Helper worker satisfaction increases, job security stabilizes and the economy prospers.

4. A REAL White House - Any house in the North Pole is white with snow and Santa's Workshop is a fine White House indeed.

5. A Cute First Lady - Mrs. Claus is quite a looker.

6. An American President who is Loved Worldwide - Now there's a new concept! But Santa has great PR all over the world and many a powerful world leaders would welcome him at their summit meetings and global conferences. Santa has no enemies. Santa isn't embarrassing. Santa is compassionate. Santa is a celebrated world figure.

7. Santa is Diplomatic - Santa is user-friendly and politically correct when speaking to an audience. He speaks clearly, concisely and correctly. He rarely stutters, makes off-colored remarks or eats with his fingers.

8. Health Benefits for All - Santa's Canadian, Ey? Didn't ya know!

9. Santa Fights War with Coal not Guns - Anti-War supporters will love Santa's Conflict-resolution methods - non-violent solutions for global uprising and terrorism - coal in the stocking of any country not in compliance with World Peace.

10. Naughty or Nice Senate Selection - As Heidi Klum would say on Project Runway, "You're In or You're OUT!" That's Santa's philosophy too. You're nice - you're in. You're naughty - you're Out! No grey area, Santa is very cut and dry. The Senate would be under tight Santa scrutiny and subject to consequences.

Brought to you by Real and Imaginery Presidential Election T-shirts and, bringing humor and options to the American voting public for the race for the presidency.

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